How to see a date created from a filing project on Github?


I know that it's such a basic question but I can't find a way to achieve it. I'm wonder that how to know the created date of a project on Github. I sometimes compare two similar projects in order to choose one that will be included in my own project, the created date is also interesting to be considered. Basically, I have to find the first commit to see the created date, however, some projects have 500 commits, which waste me a lot of time to change the page until arrive the first commit page.

Is there a better way to get the created date?

how to know the created date of a project on Github.

Use the Repos GitHub Api to retrieve this information

  • Syntax:{:owner}/{:repository}
  • Example:

The JSON payload will expose a created_at member with the UTC date the repository was created.

Considering the LibGit2Sharp repository above, one can see that it's been created on Feb, 2nd 2011 at 16:44:49 UTC.

Note: The created_at won't necessarily reflect the date of the first commit. It's the date the repository has been created on GitHub. For instance, the xunit/resharper-xunit project was recently moved from codeplex to GitHub. The created_at date is 2014-05-01T11:17:56Z, but the most of the commits date back much more farther than that.