How to search for JSON data in mysql?


I am inserting my data in a database with json_encoded. Now I want to search in "feature", but I can't.

Mysql query:

SELECT  `id` ,  `attribs_json`
FROM  `products`
WHERE  `attribs_json` REGEXP  '"1":{"value":[^"3"$]'

This query shows me all rows with key "1" and value is any thing not value is "3"

My data is:


If you have mysql version >= 5.7 , then you can try this -

SELECT  JSON_EXTRACT(name, "$.id") as name
 FROM table
 WHERE JSON_EXTRACT(name, "$.id") > 3

Output -

| name                          |
| {"id": "4", "name": "Betty"}  |

Please check reference link for more details