How to scroll the external scroll Do not show in scrolling view?


I have a scrollView and inside it some scrollViews , and everyone have a webview to show html file, using this method I will zooming every html file , but Now I found that when I scroll the html file it didn't work. I think I scroll the scrollview inside and it autosize the html file , but How to let the scrollview inside not to call the scroll function and when I scroll the html it can call the scroll function outside, and I have disable the scroll property of inside scrollview, but it didn't work, and How to do with it? Thank you very much!

UIScrollView in UIScrollView is a common use. See apple stocks app...

I am trying to send ScrollView Gesture events like pan and zoom from outside the scrollview itself. It doesn't look like apple lets you send to the UIScrollViews handlePan: and handleZoom: methods