How to run angular unit test cases using Node Js and Karma


I have created a unit test in angular js,However I have no idea on how to setup node.js and Karma

So I downloaded the node.js from and installed it. Open the command prompt and installed karma by executing "npm install karma"

It installed karma.But when I execute my angular js unit test case,it reports some errors angular is undefined.

I followed the instructions as mentioned in this

Is there any where how to setup Karma and node js to execute angular unit test cases. Please provide me the information

You can use the Yeoman generator for an Angular.js app to generate a new project and see how it is done there. Please follow the steps under "Usage" on the GitHub page to set up the new project. (For all questions yo is asking just hit enter.) Finally, type grunt test:client. This executes Karma configured with the karma.conf.js.