How to return COUNT (*) and store it in a variable for later use in VBscript


I am new to Vbscript (3 days to be precise),

I am connecting my script to SQL Server and playing around with databases. I have connected successfully

Now here's what I want to do:

I want to store the value of SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE_A in a variable to be used in VBscript.

This SQL query returns the number of rows in table and it is an integer, but how do I return it and save in a variable?

I tried this:

SET VARX = connection.execute("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE_A")

So now VARX should contain the number of rows of TABLE_A.

But this is a wrong way I know. And of course It posts an error "TYPE Mismatch:". Please guide me!

Try something like this :

Dim rs, varx
SET rs = connection.execute("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE_A")
varx = rs(0).value

Not my field of expertise actually, here are some references :