How to represent a list of strings and a list in Java?


I have data of the form

ith entry = string1, string2....fixed number N of strings,
            (name1, name2,....variable number of strings)

i.e. it is a list of (N strings and a list of variable size)

I currently have List<List<String>> and I'm thinking just treat the N+1th to the last string differently...but is there a better way to represent this data? Specifically I'd like to be able to interact with (name1, name2...) as a list rather than as strings

A wrapper like this may be used:

Class MyData
    private String[] fixedData;
    private List<String> variableData;
    public MyData(int fixedSizeN) {
         fixedData = new String[fixedSizeN];
         variableData = new ArrayList<String>();
    //public get/set go here

List<MyData> comboData;