How to replace multiple characters with different entries on the same python string


I am attempting to replace multiple letters within a string, I want the vowels to be replaced by the users input, and my current code replaces all the vowels with the same letters, however I want to replace the vowels with different user inputs. Below is an example of what I would like, and the code below that.

What I want

input1 = zz
input2 = xx
input3 = yolo

output = yzzlxx

What I have

input1 = zz
input2 = xx
input3 = yolo

output = yzzlzz

Here is my code.

def vwl():
    syl1 = input("Enter your first syllable: ")
    syl2 = input("Enter the second syllable: ")
    translate = input("Enter word to replace vowels in: ")

    for ch in ['a','e','i','o','u']:
        if ch in translate:

    for ch in ['a','e','i','o','u']:
        if syl1 in translate:

    print (translate)

The method replace takes an additional argument count:

break # finish the for loop for syl1

will only replace the first instance of ch and break will ensure you don't replace any subsequent vowels with syl1.


break # finish the for loop