How to make tomcat 5.5 work behind apache 2 with mod_rewrite passing through the mod_jk queries and stripping the context of the application?


Ok, so I want to get a webapp running in tomcat (5.5) to run behind apache 2 (2.2.3 to be precise) serving from the root of the site (i.e. without the context), with static content being served via apache.

So if the app is running under "/myapp" on tomcat I want to use apache (plus mod_rewrite) to make it behave as if it's running under "/" instead.

Mod_jk is setup and working ok. I can access the app from "/myapp", but I can't quite get the last bit working. Below is the config I've got for mod_rewrite to try and get this working. It correctly gets rewrites /static/ urls to get apache to serve them from the unpacked webapp and if I enable the rewrite log I see that it does attempt to pass through all other requests to /myapp via mod_jk. However it seems that mod_jk is not processing the request afterwards.

JkMount /myapp/*      worker1

RewriteEngine On

# ensure static stuff gets served by apache
RewriteRule ^/static/(.*)$ /var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/myapp/static/$1 [L]
# everything else should go through tomcat
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ /myapp/$1 [L,PT]

When I've done this with apache 1 in the past I've had to make sure mod_jk get's loaded before mod_rewrite, but I can't seem to achieve this under apache 2. Any thoughts? How do other people usually do this?

Managed to get this working in the end. It appears that I need to set a JkOption to:

JkOptions     +ForwardURICompat

And then mod_jk looks at the rewritten URL. Must admit not 100% sure quite why this works, but I believe it's reverting to an older form of behaviour. If anyone can tell me a better/more correct way of doing this I'd love to know.