How to keep the selected user automatically in Currency


I am building an app in which I would like the users to automatically be remembered on their computers, without having a "remember me" check box.

I read that I may have to call @user.remember_me!, but not sure where to call it since the Devise controllers are hidden.

I was considering adding a hidden checkbox field in the sign_in form with the checkbox marked by default, but I was hoping I could do this on the controllers side.

Any idea how this could be done?


I think customizing your devise controller is the way to go here.

Goal: automatically set remember-me for everybody.

First, create a devise sessions controller. Let's tell rails routes about it


devise_for :users, :controllers => {:sessions => 'sessions'}


class SessionsController < Devise::SessionsController

  def create
    params[:user].merge!(remember_me: 1)


This way, the user's remember me will always be set to true. yay!

You'll then want to edit the login form to not display the remember_me checkbox.

Also, change this in the initializer to something far off:

#config.remember_for = 2.weeks
config.remember_for = 1.year