How to install VB6 SP6 on Windows 8.1 x64?


Need to support some old projects directly in the newest OS, not in a virtual machine.

I've installed VB6 from the VS6 disk #1 successfully, but I cannot install the SP6 for this development environment. When I launch it, an information window that informs me about the installation progress appears for some milliseconds, but the required files (ADVPACK.DLL, msvbvm60.dll, ...) aren't updated in the system folder. The About dialog in VB6 IDE also proves that - I do not see "SP6" anywhere in it.

How to install the SERVICE PACK 6 (not the VB IDE itself) in this OS?

Solved my "problem" - very strange why I couldn't figure out what files I needed and what I should have done...

Downloaded and unpacked this (Vs6sp6.exe, I have only VB6 installed):

Service Pack 6 for Visual Basic 6.0

Then launched setupsp6.exe with the admin rights explicitly - and it installed the SP6 without any problems.