How to install Python for Apache on Windows?


I'm looking for the fast, easy (all default settings) way of installing Python on my windows machine so that Apache can use it. I currently have a Windows 7 installation with Apache and PHP working. I want to try and make some simple web pages in Python, just to play around with Python for a bit and learn a thing or two. I downloaded and installed Python 3.2 Python 2.7.2 (As advised below). What do I do next? I would like to make a "Hello World". Do I need mod_python or can I do without? I assume I need to tell Apache somehow that Python is available. I probably need to make an "" file, or something similar?

I'm not directly looking for tutorials on the Python language itself, but just for some steps to make the simplest of the simplest script (Hello World) work on my current system.

Basically I'm looking for the Python equivalent of the following php script to work in my Apache:

  <title>Hello World</title>
  <?= "Hello World"; ?>

You can use mod_python (deprecated and not recommended) or better mod_wsgi.

Look at: