how to install geckodriver on a windows system


I am trying to intall webdriver and in order to open firefox i need the geckodriver to be installed and in the correct path.

Firstly the download link to install geckodriver only allows you to install a file that is not an executable. So is there a way to make it an executable?

secondly I have tried to change my path variables in commmand prompt, but of course it didn't work. I then changed the user variable not the system path variables because there is not Path in system. there is a Path in user variables so I edited that to change where the file is located.

I have extracted the geckodriver rar file and have received a file with no extension. I don't know how you can have a file with no extension, but they did it. The icon is like a blank sheet of paper with a fold at the top left.

If anyone has a solution for this including maybe another package that is like webdriver and will allow me to open a browser and then refresh the page after a given amount of time. this is all I want to do.

For one make sure you are downloading the one for your OS. Windows is at the bottom of the list it will say win32. Download that file or 64 doesn't matter.

After that you are going to want to extract the file. If you get an error that says there is no file in the Winrar file, this may be because in your Winrar settings you have Winrar set to not extract any files that have the extension .exe. If you go to Winrar options then settings then security you can delete this it will say *.exe, and after you delete that you can extract the file. After that is done, search how to update the path so that gecko driver can be accessed. Then you will most likely need to restart.