How to hide the download link with Javascript


The site fmovies offers to download a video with a download button under the video (for example

When I look in the HTML code or all the js scripts, I can't find the download link? How do they hide the downloadlink and where do they hide it?

Is there an other way to get this download link?

EDIT: NOT the "Download in HD" button, I meant the "Download" Button right next to the Report Button (left of it). You have to wait a few Seconds until the Player has loaded.

If you inspect the download butt, it goes to the following HTML:

<div class="item mbtn download-movie pull-right" style=""> <i class="fa fa-download"></i> Download </div>

In the de-obfuscated all.js, this class is:

    FL = ".download-movie",

and searching for references to that variable we find:

this.$btnDownload = e[Ue](FL)

which is equivalent to:

this.$btnDownload = e.find(".download-movie")

It's also referenced in this code:

        hideMovieActions: function() {
            this.$btnDownload.unbind(Eo)[du](), this.$btnDownloadSubtitle.unbind(Eo)[du]()

which is equivalent to:

        hideMovieActions: function() {
            this.$btnDownload.unbind("click").hide(), this.$btnDownloadSubtitle.unbind("click").hide()

so that's the code that hides the download button.

I can't find the code that shows it, or the code that runs when you click on it. That seems to be hidden in several additional layers of obfuscation. They really didn't want to make it easy for you to figure out how their code works.