How to handle slip events on iphone and ipad with javascript / jquery?


I have a little app that has been under development for some time. My friends and I have been working really hard on this and are near release of the beta version.

I want to give some demos using iPhone and iPad to look cool :p

Now my problem is how to handle:

  • Mouse Down
  • Mouse Up
  • Mouse Leave

The multitouch interface of the iPhone (which I expect is similar to the iPad) handles mouse move on a browser has a scrolling event. One could try to capture the scrolling event and use it to simulate the dragging but I don't even know if it will be doable or if it will only be a hack.

Any one knows of a more robust manner to manage dragging events on the iphone/ipad?

Apple's Developer pages have a lot of good info on handling just these types of issues.

Handling Events