How to get the key of the card signed Android during the signing process?


I want to generate the signed map key for google maps. Currently i have generated a map key and using in the app. I came to know that we need to change the google map api key during the code signing process, i mean at the time of app distribution. How to get the Signed Google map api key ?

Also please tell me why to change the map api key ?

I have generated the keystore for signing the app.
I am developing app in version Android 2.2.
If i need to generate the new key, how to generate it ?

The map API key is generated depending on the certificate used to sign the application.

So if you change your signing certificate (for example when going from using the debug certificate to the release certificate), you must generate a new API key (at least for Maps API v1)

If you are using API v1, you should hurry as this won't be possible anymore starting March 18th.

If you are using API v2, you don't have to generate a new key. You can associate the signing certificate with an existing API key from the developer console.