How to get the domain name for a Sitecore item


I have a multi site Sitecore installation. I am trying to create an email that gets sent out that contains links back to the Sitecore editor for each item. I have it all working except the correct domain name. Given an item ID how would I use the API to get the domain for that item? For example - I want to produce a URL like the following: Editor.aspx?id=id

The only part I'm not sure about is how to programmatically retrieve the "" part. Any ideas? I can never find stuff like this in the Sitecore API although I am sure it is there somewhere.

I am assuming you have multiple sites set up in the <sites> section of your web.config file and that each one has a hostName property defined e.g.

<site name="website1" hostName="" ...
<site name="website2" hostName="" ...

You can use the SiteManager class to access info about each sites including the hostName


.. if you are running in a Sitecore page you can access the currently running Site object using


Hope this helps :)