How to get and use the table in html by javascript by getElementsByClassName ()?


I want to detect an element in a table in HTML, but I can find the table in html(I think), I cannot detect the table...PS: I can not change the HTML.

This is DOM

This is my code


I can get alert like

after, I want to detect the table or use the table, but i can't.. I use the table like this


and my programme crashes, it can not find rows.....

In the html like I have posted, How to get and use table html? Could you give me some code? Thank you !

First getElementsByClassName method returns an HTMLCollection or NodeList so to get the table you have to get the element from returned collection like this

var table = document.getElementsByClassName('ep-dp-dt')[0];

And then you can get and iterate through rows of table element, something like this

for (var i = 0;i < table.rows.length; i++) {
     var row = table.rows[i];