How to get a value from the click event in the weather js?


How to get the value of click event in meteor Js For example i want {{name}} this value.Here is put my code it showing *undefined*in alert box.Please verify and suggest me.

client JS:{
    'click .clientrow':function(e,t){

         console.log("You Select Client Row ");

<template name="client">
    {{#each clientList}}
    <tr class="clientrow">
       <td data-id="{{_id}}">{{cid}}</td>
       <td>{{formatDate rdate}}</td>

You can easily access the element that was clicked:

'click .something': function(e, t) {

Now, if you want the data stored in a row that was clicked, you can easily make it accessible with data HTML parameters

{{#each items}}
  <tr data-name="{{name}}" data-id="{{_id}}">...</tr>

Afterwards, extract it from the row:

'click .something': function(e, t) {