How to generate an Entity Relationship Diagram (ET) of a database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio?


I want to generate ER diagram of SQL database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio however, I dont know how to.

I found this technique online

However, I am not able to see "Database Node" or "Database Diagrams" nodes as mentioned in the 1st and 2nd steps.

Hence, please let me know how can I generate ER diagram from an existing DB.


From the comments below, I realize that I was right in my understanding that Database node means the node with my database name. But then my problem is I am not able to find the "Database Diagrams" node under my Database name. What should I do now so that I can see it.

PS: Its not a local database.

  1. Go to Sql Server Management Studio >
  2. Object Explorer >
  3. Databases >
  4. Choose and expand your Database.
  5. Under your database right click on "Database Diagrams" and select "New Database Diagram".
  6. It will a open a new window. Choose tables to include in ER-Diagram (to select multiple tables press "ctrl" or "shift" button and select tables).
  7. Click add.
  8. Wait for it to complete. Done!!

You can save generated diagram for future use.