How to freeze the rake?


I have a rails-app (2.3.2) that I need to install on a server on which rake isn't installed, and on which I haven't got privileges to install gems, so I'd like to freeze the rails gem.

However, I can't figure out how to do that. I've put it in the dependencies in environment.rb, but "rake gems:unpack GEM=rake" has no effect. "rake gems" says rake's a framework gem, not a frozen gem.

How do I make sure rake turns up in my "vendor/gems", and how do I tell capistrano to use that version of rake?

Freezing the gem itself is fairly straightforward - if Maran's solution won't work for you, you can create an actual gem repository in your vendor directory and then do gem install rake --install-dir /rails_dir/vendor/gems.

The harder part is telling Capistrano which rake to use. Can you post a little more detail on what you want to do with rake and Capistrano?