how to find the list of different geometries and aesthetics


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I am trying to find the list of aesthetics and geoms in the ggplot2 package for R and the problem that help(qplot) does not yield any results. I can not find a way to invoke help for only aesthetics or geoms.

What is the correct way to invoke help for aesthetics in R?

The best approach I can think of is to look at help(aes) which gives links to


Which summarize the various aes sub groups.

You would get to one of these if you were search for a particular aestheic (eg help(alpha) or help(group)

For a list of geoms, look at the index for the help, under G. Perhaps when the documentation for layer is completed (or started) it will spur a similar listing / sub grouping.

You could also extract the relevant exported objects within the ggplot2 namespace using

ls(pattern = '^geom_', env = as.environment('package:ggplot2'))

 ## [1] "geom_abline"     "geom_area"       "geom_bar"        "geom_bin2d"      "geom_blank"      "geom_boxplot"    "geom_contour"
 ## [8] "geom_crossbar"   "geom_density"    "geom_density2d"  "geom_dotplot"    "geom_errorbar"   "geom_errorbarh"  "geom_freqpoly"
## [15] "geom_hex"        "geom_histogram"  "geom_hline"      "geom_jitter"     "geom_line"       "geom_linerange"  "geom_map"
## [22] "geom_path"       "geom_point"      "geom_pointrange" "geom_polygon"    "geom_quantile"   "geom_raster"     "geom_rect"
## [29] "geom_ribbon"     "geom_rug"        "geom_segment"    "geom_smooth"     "geom_step"       "geom_text"       "geom_tile"
## [36] "geom_violin"     "geom_vline"

ggplot2 has an unexported character vector .all_aesthetics which contains all the possible aesthetics