How to find the current user group from Active Directory


How to find current user group from Active Directory Server

refer screenshot url.

For the username "palani", Group is Administrators.

How it can be get from Active Directory server

If you're on .NET 3.5 and up, you should check out the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement (S.DS.AM) namespace. Read all about it here:

Basically, you can define a domain context and easily find users and/or groups in AD:

// set up domain context
using (PrincipalContext ctx = new PrincipalContext(ContextType.Domain))
    // find currently logged in user
    UserPrincipal user = UserPrincipal.FindByIdentity(ctx, "palani");

    if(user != null)
         foreach(GroupPrincipal group in user.GetAuthorizationGroups().OfType<GroupPrincipal>())
            Console.WriteLine("Group name: {0}", group.Name);

A user can be member of any number of groups - there isn't the group for a given user - there just is the list of groups he/she is a member of.

The new S.DS.AM makes it really easy to play around with users and groups in AD!