How to filter JSON data in JavaScript or jQuery?


How to filter JSON data using Javascript or jQuery?

This my JSON data:

[{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A4298","website":"google"},
{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A2222","website":"google"},
{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41Awww33","website":"yahoo"},
{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A424448","website":"google"},
{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A429rr8","website":"ebay"},
{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A429ff8","website":"ebay"},
{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A429ss8","website":"rediff"},
{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A429sg8","website":"yahoo"}]


obj1 = JSON.parse(jsondata);

now I only want name and website data which is contain website is equal to "yahoo"

Your json is invalid :

this is how you should do it : ( for google find)

  {"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A4298","website":"google222"},
  {"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A2222","website":"google"}
    .filter(function (i,n){

Better solution : ( Salman's)

$.grep( [{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A4298","website":"google"},{"name":"Lenovo Thinkpad 41A2222","website":"google"}], function( n, i ) {