How to extract data from the database using two different dates in php?

date1 = 10/1/2015
date2 = 10/13/2015`

How to fetch data from database using these two dates? I want to fetch all the data that was entered from 1 to 13 october. How can I do it using php or SQL? Please guide me to write the SQL queries.

Database design

id       name       date
1        Ram        10/1/2015
2        shyam      10/2/2015
3        hari       10/13/2015
4        gita       10/14/2015</pre>

I want to select and show first 3 id which are listed between 1st oct to 13th oct and don't want to show 14th oct value. Please help me. Looking forward for the help. Thank you in advance. :)

Date format in MySQL is yyyy-MM-dd. So, the query should be -

select * from test where date between '2015-10-01' and '2015-10-13';

If you want to use a different format to fetch your data then you can use STR_TO_DATE. Your query will look like this.

select * from test where date between STR_TO_DATE('26-10-2012', '%d-%m-%Y') and STR_TO_DATE('28-10-2012', '%d-%m-%Y');