How to edit and view changes without restarting the Windows Azure emulator?


I can't find how to make changes, at least javascript and css changes, and see them reflected on the Azure Emulator witout restarting it.

Does anyone know if there is any option I have to modify?

This blog post says "These changes were actually made in SDK 1.3 and refreshed in SDK 1.4.1"

I'm running SDK 1.6 and to see the changes reflected on the web site running on the Azure Emluator, I have to stop the application and run it again waitting for Windows Azure emulator to redeploy and start


An easy way to do that is to start the emulator without attaching the Visual Studio debugger. If your Windows Azure project is set as your startup project, press Ctrl+F5 (or "Debug" -> "Start Without Debugging" from the top menu in Visual Studio).

With the emulator started, and no debugger attached, you can make javascript, css, html, etc. changes without needing to restart the emulator.