How to draw the project and push the new branch


Git has been introduced on a project, after I've been working on it for a bit.

Now there's a local git server, which hosts the base code, I've been working with and modified.

Now I need to create a new branch on the server, which features the modifications I made.

My plan is to pull(?) the current git repository to a new folder, copy over all the content - which I've been managing locally, then create a new branch locally and push(?) it again onto the server.

This would leave me with a new branch, which I can modify locally and push onto the branch on the server, is that correct?

mkdir project_git && cd project_git
git pull <remote>
git checkout -b my_changes
cp project project_git
git add -A
git commit -m "new branch with local changes"
git push origin my_changes

Is this the "correct" way to handle the situation? What commands would I need to use for this?

Creating a new branch for git server, you can clone the repo in another directory (if you have local repo, you can pull directly), and switch to a new branch locally and finally push to the git server. Detail steps as below:

# In another directory
git clone /path/for/git/server
cd repo
git checkout -b newBranch
# make changes
git add .
git commit -m "message"
git push origin newBranch