How to draw the probability density function in MatLab?

x = [1 2 3 3 4]

After Googling, I find the above code will draw a cumulative distribution function for me in Matlab.
Is there a simple way to draw a probability density function?

To Clarify. I need a graph that has an evenly distributed x-axis. And I would prefer it does not look like a bar graph. (I would have millions of integers)
Sorry, update again. My data are integers, but actually they represents time(I expect several quite high peak at exact same value while other value should look like as if they are not discrete). I'm actually starting to wonder if this is actually not discrete integers inherently. CDF would definitely work, but when coming to PDF, it seems it's more complicated than I anticipated.

You can generate a discrete probability distribution for your integers using the function hist:

data = [1 2 3 3 4];           %# Sample data
xRange = 0:10;                %# Range of integers to compute a probability for
N = hist(data,xRange);        %# Bin the data
plot(xRange,N./numel(data));  %# Plot the probabilities for each integer
xlabel('Integer value');

And here's the resulting plot:


In newer versions of MATLAB the hist function is no longer recommended. Instead, you can use the histcounts function like so to produce the same figure as above:

data = [1 2 3 3 4];
N = histcounts(data, 'BinLimits', [0 10], 'BinMethod', 'integers', 'Normalization', 'pdf');
xlabel('Integer value');