How to download the MonkeyTalk test tool?


I spent lot of time to find out a way to download monkeyTalk testing software. But I couldn't find a link to download it or event there is no sign up page or login at Need a help to download monkeyTalk software, how to configure it and sample example please.

Seems it's in hiding until Oracle releases the product. Just received the following email from a contact at Oracle:

Thanks for the email.

Oracle Engineering Team is working on the next release. I don’t have a definite release date. Shall send an update when ready.


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Yeah, I've been searching all morn in hopes of updating our MT framework and I'm not finding anything.

Used to be a quick download easily found on their site. Will report back if I stumble on the downloads for Gorilla Logic. Seems they're more concerned w/ marketing themselves right now then making their software available.

This is the closest thing I could find that's still on their site, which is super old, but the link in the post just sends you back to homepage:


Came across this after posting. Seems Oracle bought MonkeyTalk, if I'm reading it correctly:

Shooting Oracle email and Gorilla Logic a tweet. Will report back if I hear anything.