How to download the database (php)?


I have develop one web site in php.
I know how to upload it using ftp(filezilla).
But i dont know how to upload database and i can't do any thing without uploading this database.
please help me to upload my database.
Thank you.

tl;dr version

Ask your hosting provider what methods they support.

More detail

It all depends on your hosting. Do you have a simple hosting account with only FTP access (i.e. no command line or remote desktop access)? In these cases your host usually has phpMyAdmin installed or an alternative web based database management system.

It's unlikely, but you could also try connecting to your MySQL database from your computer. You can download the command line tools or simply get MySQL Workbench, and put in your hostname and test the connection.

If you do have shell access, you can dump your local database with mysqldump and upload the resulting SQL file, then import that on the server. A similar technique can be used with remote desktop.