How to divide a defined string from another string and get the first element after the division


I have this string D:\ASN\Documents\ENU\LO\ANL\File\05003ede-59bf-45c6-bb57-a6111e9f18e0\linux-cheat-sheet.pdf and I want to exclude this string D:\ASN\Documents\ENU\LO from the above string and then get the first string(in this case ANL)after the split.

I tried something like this:

string fullpath = "D:\\ASN\\Documents\\ENU\\LO\\ANL\\File\\05003ede-59bf-45c6-bb57-a6111e9f18e0\\linux-cheat-sheet.pdf"
string[] sep = new string[]{"D:\\ASN\\Documents\\ENU\\LO"};
string [] result = fullpath.split(stringSeparators, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

  foreach (string s in result)
                Console.Write(s.Substring(s.IndexOf(@"\") + 1));

But this is giving me ANL\File\05003ede-59bf-45c6-bb57-a6111e9f18e0\linux-cheat-sheet.pdf". Instead I need only ANL. How can this be achieved? Is there any other way to get this instead of this way.


var result = fullpath.Replace(samplePath, "").Split('\\')[1];

You can replace the first part (samplePath) with nothing, removing it (or you could use Substring to get the second part of the fullPath, counting the characters of samplePath), and then Split the result on '\', getting the second occurrence, which is the result you expect.

Here's a working version: