How to display the correct page number in the body of SSR (In each page of the output)


i Placed this code in my report property code

Public Function PageNumber() as String
     Dim str as String
     str = Me.Report.Globals!PageNumber.ToString()
     Return str
End Function

and called in my text box in body of report Like this


It was not able to repeat textbox on each page. It is showing the page number as 1 only on first page.

need to show pagenumber in each page of the output in body of the report

Kindly help me on this if u have any solution.

First Follow the steps 1 below to do pagination:
1.1. Click the Details group in the Row Groups pane.
1.2. From the Tablix member Properties pane, expand “Group”-> “PageBreak”.
1.3. Set the “BreakLocation” to “End” and set the “Disable” property to the expression like below:
=IIF(rownumber(nothing) mod 40=0,false,true)
The above point 1 is use to do pagination in Report output(Display only 40 records per page in output)

2) use custom code:

Public Function PageNumberno(val as integer) as String
     Dim str as String
     str =(val/40)
     Return str
End Function

3) Create Calculated column in Dataset and enter =0 in expression

4) In 2 Calculated Column
2)No in Dataset

In Report Body use Expression for PageNo :


use Expression for No :


5)Right click and insert column on Right Side and in Column name add code in Text box


Note: No is calculated Field column name.

6)Under AdvancedMode IN Row Group select Static and Set RepeatOnNewPage Properties to True

In the Above Column created under point 5 will display correct page no in every page in body of the report

I have Tried and its working Fine..Try it.