How to display HTML with AngularJS from JSON


I am struggling to display HTML code from JSON string. You can see HTML tags in address. Is there any way I can properly display it?

My template is:

<div ng-app ng-controller="jsonp_example">
    <ul ng-repeat="item in data">
        <li ng-bind-html-unsafe="getContent(obj)">{{item.custom_fields.sponsor_address}}</li>
            <img src="{{item.custom_fields.sponsor_logo}}" width="100">

And script:

function jsonp_example($scope, $http) {
    $scope.getContent = function (obj) {
        return obj.custom_fields.sponsor_address

    var url = "";

    $http.jsonp(url).success(function (data) {
        $ = data.result;

Please feel free to amend my jsfiddle:

Did you include angular-sanitize.js as a dependency ? (as a script and as angular module dependency)

Also, you don't need to {{}} with ng-bind-html, just

<li ng-bind-html="item.custom_fields.sponsor_address"></li>

will do.