How to determine if a grid line is new when editing in a Telerik MVC grid


I have a Telerik MVC grid that includes a boolean value, CreateIncident. For a new row, I want to set that value to true. For an edit, if the value is already true, I want to disable the checkbox. The Kendo UI apparently added a method to determine if the row is new, but the same call is not accessible in the MVC version. I can intercept the Insert and Update events in C#, but that's after they've clicked on the Save button. I can intercept the edit event in Javascript, which is where the above Kendo answer makes the call.

Alternately, if there is a better way to handle this, I'm open to suggestions.

The Actual Answer is

if (e.model.isNew())

so when isNew() is True then you have a new row else if it is False you are in edit Mode