how to detect the position of the scroll nestedscrollview android downstairs?


i just want to detect the position of the scroll nestedscrollview android at the bottom, and the to call function. my code is :

    scroll.getViewTreeObserver().addOnScrollChangedListener(new ViewTreeObserver.OnScrollChangedListener() {
                public void onScrollChanged() {
                    int totalHeight = scroll.getChildAt(0).getHeight();
                    int scrollY = scroll.getScrollY();
                     if (scrollY==totalHeight ) {


but totalheight not same wit MAX ScrollY. how to fix it ?

Set setOnScrollChangeListener in a NestedScrollView params to get

  • NestedScrollView v (parent with scroll)
  • int scrollY
  • int oldScrollY

To detect whether the offset is at the bottom, it is necessary to obtain the value of content height v.getChildAt(0).getMeasuredHeight() and compare the current scroll over the height of the parent, if you have the same value , it means that it has reached the end.

You can get the height with parent view with v.getMeasuredHeight()

NestedScrollView scroller = (NestedScrollView) findViewById(;

if (scroller != null) {

    scroller.setOnScrollChangeListener(new NestedScrollView.OnScrollChangeListener() {
        public void onScrollChange(NestedScrollView v, int scrollX, int scrollY, int oldScrollX, int oldScrollY) {

            if (scrollY > oldScrollY) {
                Log.i(TAG, "Scroll DOWN");
            if (scrollY < oldScrollY) {
                Log.i(TAG, "Scroll UP");

            if (scrollY == 0) {
                Log.i(TAG, "TOP SCROLL");

            if (scrollY == (v.getChildAt(0).getMeasuredHeight() - v.getMeasuredHeight())) {
                Log.i(TAG, "BOTTOM SCROLL");