How to declare and use tables in C #


I have a seemingly basic problem with C# arrays. I am a beginner, but this is a really basic problem and it has had me in knots for more than half an hour now. I am using C# 2010 Express.

This code:-

string[] motionCam = new string[8];
motionCam[1] = "Stop";

Reports the error:

Array size cannot be specified in a variable declaration (try initializing with a 'new' expression)

Even basic array examples I copy and paste off of education web sites report this same error and I have no clue why.

While the code you pasted is valid, your problem is something else.
Maybe you declared it in the class level.

motionCam[1] = "Stop"; is an assignment not a declaration, this why the compiler shouts.

See this question of someone who had that the same problem.

Bottom line is You can't have non-declaration statements at the class level.