How to create multiple values ​​for a single key using local storage


As we all know local storage is a key value pair. Trying to create a multiple values to a single key. But unable to get how to pass the multiple values for a single key.

Here it is simple what have created.

var value = "aa"
localStorage.setItem("testKey", value);
var test = localStorage.getItem("testKey");

Now here what want to achieve is testKey should have aa, bb and cc values.

If it is possible can anyone please help me out with a sample.


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This is not possible with localstorage. However, you can store a JSON string as the value for the key, and with a little post-processing, you can extract your three variables:

var value = ["aa","bb","cc"]
localStorage.setItem("testKey", JSON.stringify(value));
var test = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("testKey"));