How to create an iOS4 application that will also work on the iPad?


I'm trying to build an iOS4 app (not universal) that will also run in compatibility mode on the iPad. So I set the Deployment Target to 3.2 and the Device Family to iPhone.

This works fine in adhoc builds, but when I try to upload it the the store, Application Loader complains: “This bundle is invalid. An application targeting the iPhone device family may not require a iOS Deployment Target 3.2, which is an iPad-only OS”.

What? Are my only choices to set the Deployment Target to 4.0 and not run at all on the iPad, or set it to 3.1.x and build/test the app for a platform I don't want to support, that Apple doesn't even ship an SDK for any more? Am I missing something?

Set the "Targeted Device Family" to iPhone/iPad