How to create an automatic blog system for website


I want to crate a blog website where people can create their blog on post it on my website. But i dont want to do it manually takimg each post and uploading by my self

How can i create a coding for it tht people create the blog and it gets uploaded by itself on the server.

You will need to learn few programming languages , you need a back-end and front-end knowledge,

--- brief explanation

Front-End: is what the user will see to be able to create a post, for example the title tags, the forms, etc..

Back-end: is what absorbs the information that the user inputs in the forms and stores it in to a database, is like the logic part.

If you don't have any idea of what this is, you should tryWordpreess And then start modifying some of the code to practice. Wordpress will allow you to create your own blog and even give permissions to other users to create the post or make a platform.

Good Luck.