How to create a shortcut for the list of commands


I have two commands which I have to run every time to open an application. How do I create a shortcut for these two commands in one shortcut. Let me give an example:

I have two commands:

  1. D:\spl\v231_CCB\bin>splenviron.cmd -e v231_CCB

  2. D:\spl\v231_CCB\bin>spl start

If I want to run the command 1 first and command 2 second then how do I create the shortcut according on my desktop?

Create a batch file with this and then click that.

@echo off
pushd "D:\spl\v231_CCB\bin"
call splenviron.cmd -e v231_CCB
call spl start

The execution of spl will depend if splenviron.cmd runs and terminates, or keeps running.