How to configure the Visual Studio .sln project file to be stored in the project folder?


I come from Visual Studio 2008, where the .sln file used to be stored in the project folder. Now I see it is stored in documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\ProjectName\, which I don't like at all.

How can I store it automatically in the project folder? Without cutting and pasting it each time I open a new project...

A screenshot with a Big Red Arrow on the relevant controls:

The "Create directory for solution" checkbox is ticked by default. Turn it off to get the project stored in the same directory as the solution. VS memorizes the last setting you used.

The "Location" property determines where the solution is stored. The default is the path that you complain about. Just edit it. Or change the default setting like I did: Tools + Options, Projects and Solutions, General, "Projects location" setting.