How to configure the application engine to deploy your application with the node_modules folder in the file structure?


I'm using grunt with google app engine but every time I try to deploy I have to take the node_modules out of the directory for it to work.

Here is my file structure-


so I have looked at other questions on this topic here but its for java and I'm using python so how do you configure the app engine to deploy your app with the node_modules folder in the file stucture? I have ignored all the grunt files and not committed them to my repo so I have no idea any help here would be much appreciated.

You can use the skip_files element in the app's config file:

The skip_files element specifies which files in the application directory are not to be uploaded to App Engine. The value is either a regular expression, or a list of regular expressions. Any filename that matches any of the regular expression is omitted from the list of files to upload when the application is uploaded.

Pay attention at overriding the defaults in that doc section.