How to change the language property of a dll / exe on Windows


How do you change the language property of a Windows DLL or EXE? The property I am talking about can be seen if you right-click on a DLL and go "Properties" > "Details". Something from the command line would be preferred.


I am trying to get rid of a warning when building a Windows installation package using WiX. The warning is:

LGHT1076: ICE60: The file somedll.dll is not a Font, and its version is not a companion file reference. It should have a language specified in the Language column.

If you add a DefaultLanguage attribute for the file within the WiX project file, this changes to:

LGHT1101: The DefaultLanguage '0' was used for file 'somedll.dll' which has no language. Specifying a language that is different from the actual file may result in unexpected versioning behavior during a repair or while patching. Either specify a value for DefaultLanguage or put the language in the version information resource to eliminate this warning.

I'm really not sure what the first solution they suggest means ... didn't I just "specify a value for DefaultLanguage?" So I'm trying the second solution, which I'm guessing is the language property of the file? I am building somedll.dll from source, so if it is something that has to be done when building, I might be able to do that.

A file's language is an attribute of its versioninfo resource. WiX reads it to autopopulate the language (and version) columns in the .msi File table.