How to capture the return value of a ScriptBlock invoked with the Invoke-Powershell command


My question is very similar to this one, except I'm trying to capture the return code of a ScriptBlock using Invoke-Command (so I can't use the -FilePath option). Here's my code:

Invoke-Command -computername $server {\\fileserver\script.cmd $args} -ArgumentList $args

The problem is that Invoke-Command doesn't capture the return code of script.cmd, so I have no way of knowing if it failed or not. I need to be able to know if script.cmd failed.

I tried using a New-PSSession as well (which lets me see script.cmd's return code on the remote server) but I can't find any way to pass it back to my calling Powershell script to actually DO anything about the failure.

$remotesession = new-pssession -computername localhost
invoke-command -ScriptBlock { cmd /c exit 2} -Session $remotesession
$remotelastexitcode = invoke-command -ScriptBlock { $lastexitcode} -Session $remotesession
$remotelastexitcode # will return 2 in this example

  1. Create a new session using new-pssession
  2. Invoke your scripblock in this session
  3. Fetch the lastexitcode from this session