How to capitalize all the text in a column of data in an Access query while keeping the same name of the field?


How do I capitalize all text in a column of data in an Access Query while keeping the name of the field the same?

I tried entering "SPEC: StrConv([SPEC],3), but I get an error that I have a circular argument (which, isn't too surprising). So how do I get around this?

Is there a totally different approach to capitalizing in queries?

  • Given: we have a field named [SPEC].
  • Problem: need query to grab [SPEC] and convert it to all caps, but with the same field name
  • Added: We will call the table that holds the field [SPEC], [tblTable]

Solution: What we need to put in the query builder is the following:

SPEC: UCase([tblTable].[SPEC])

That way the machine can figure out that Query.SPEC isn't the same identifier as tblTable.SPEC


SELECT UCase([tblNames].[FirstName]) AS FirstName
FROM tblNames;