How to browse the sitecore project as an anonymous user


I have built a sitecore site in my dev PC and published it. (From master to web database). How can I browse the site as an anonymous user.

Say, if i browse the url mysite/pages/about, it loads the page but within the sitecore shell. (and also, I need to be logged in)

I would like to see it, as if it went live. Is this possible.

Since you are still logged into Sitecore by default it will use those credentials to load the page in "Edit Mode".

Use a different browser or open a tab in incognito/private browsing mode.

Alternatively, in Experience Explorer from the Home Ribbon section select "Close" or append ?sc_mode=normal to the URL of the page.

There is a cookie named website#sc_mode which will also be set to Edit when you are in Experience Editor, which remembers your last selection. You could also try removing this as well as the other Sitecore cookies.