How to broadcast an openCV video on an HTML webpage?


I am making a robot that will have a webcam on it to provide some simple object detection. For right now, I would like to simply stream the video to a webpage hosted on the robot and be able to view it from another device. I have written a simple test script in Python ( I will eventually move to C++, my language of choice) which can get a stream from my webcam, and then do whatever I need with it from there. The problem then, is that I can't write the video to a file while the app is running, it only writes the file after I quit the script. I already have a webserver running, and I can write the basic code in HTML to host a video from a file as well, and all of that works.

To summarize: Is openCV2 in Python and/or C++ capable of livestreaming video using only openCV? If not, what library would you recommend that I try to take a CV capture object or Mat object and write it to a stream that I can then put on a webpage? In HTML, is the tag a good idea to stream video with?

Thank you very much for the advice, I can use all the pointers* I can get!

If you need something clarified/code posted/explanations further than what I have given, please ask and I will do so!

The issue of streaming frames out of OpenCV and Python has been addressed in the following thread: Pipe raw OpenCV images to FFmpeg

This didn't work for me, but they claim it did for them.

The reason for it not working in my case seems to be that for some output frames additional bytes were added or lost, somewhere between the output to stdout in and the input to FFMPEG. Therefore, the number of bytes doesn't correspond to the number of frames. I am not sure why this is the case. I used Windows 7.

I will be curious to hear what is your experience if you try this. I also tried a modified version of using cv2, and failed for the same reasons.