How to avoid multiple joints for better performance?


I have 5 tables and all have dependencies so i have written this query for fetching the data and its working fine but the performance is bad so can you suggest some concepts?

SELECT  a.*,cg.*,c.*,qt.*,ct.*
FROM MYB.choice_table ct
RIGHT OUTER JOIN MYB.question_table qt ON ct.questionID = qt.questionID
RIGHT OUTER JOIN MYB.category_table c ON  c.categoryID = qt.categoryID
RIGHT OUTER JOIN MYB.categoryGroup_table cg ON cg.categoryGroupID=c.categoryGroupID
RIGHT OUTER JOIN MYB.audit_table a ON a.auditID=cg.auditID
WHERE a.auditID=123

I would suggest you to have a look at the execution plan using EXPLAIN. See

Such execution plan will help you understand what is going on under the hood and identify potential issues. The join count itself isn't slowing things down.