How to aggregate the array of json objects in the forEach function?


I want to render array of stories from all projects in node.js. How to do that?

app.get('/stories', function(request, response) {
  var projects_ids = [1,2];
  project_ids.forEach(function(id) {
    pivotal.getStories(id, function(err, project_stories) {
      console.log("Stories: " + project_stories);

      return JSON.stringify(project_stories);

In log I get:

Stories: [object Object]
Stories: [object Object]

Your current approach won't work since getStories are async (assumption based on the method signature of getStories). If you can, I would suggest that you create a method on pivotal that can get stories for multiple project ids, so your code would read:

app.get('/stories', function(req, res) {
    var project_ids = [1, 2];
    pivotal.getStories(project_ids, function(err, project_stories) {

If that is not an option, I would suggest that you look into a flow library like e.g. node-seq. Then you code could read something like this:

app.get('/stories', function(req, res) {
    var project_ids = [1, 2];
        .parEach(function(project_id) {
            pivotal.getStories(project_id, this);
        .seq(function() {
            var aggregatedStories = [];
  , (function(arg) {
            // Each parSeq aparently results in an array of objects

The function is from a node module called hashish

Edit: To elaborate a little more, parEach will execute the functions in parallel, and the following seq would execute after all the callbacks from the parallel executions have finished. node-seq puts the result from each parallel execution into the parameter array of the following seq, hence the somewhat cryptic