How to add a header file in Visual Studio 2013, C ++


I use Visual Studio 2013 to build a program. I have got some problems... a) an error:

c:\users\wojciech\desktop\cryingdamson 0.3.6 (8.60) v8.2 source\otpch.h(28): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'libxml/xmlmemory.h': No such file or directory

My code:

#include <libxml/xmlmemory.h>

I have included that file in Visual Studio 2013 to header files and I have even it at libxml folder. I can not still build solution (compile) because of that error.

Please help me, I am new to Visual Studio. I have tried to add xmlmemory.h file to project properties, but it seems that it doesn't see the file.

Okay, in folder "c:\users\wojciech\my documents/visual studio 2013/projects/consoleapplication3" there is a file named MainProject.sln, which type is microsoft visual solution. In the same folder I have added libxml folder and in the folder I have put xmlmemory.h. The problem is I still can not compile the program.

I use windows 7.

You Need to add the parent Folder of libxml to the include path. Say if the Folder structure Looks like

  • some_project

    • include

      • libxml

        • xmlmemory.h
  • ...

you Need to add the include Directory to the include path