How to access the username on a ng-repeat


I have a list of users generated with ng-repeat and data from db, which works fine. Now when you click on a user, you get a popup box. I would like to display the name of the selected user in this popup box, but I don't know how to access the username because the ng-repeat does not take place in the popup box.

Note that I work with angular material

Part of my html code:

    <div id="logo-wrap">
      <img id="logo" src="assets/images/logo2.png" alt="Zazzle Logo" >
    <div id="sidebar" class="md-whiteframe-z4" ng-data-color="">
      <div style="height: 80px;"></div>
      <div class="userList" id="usrL">
        <li id="customLI" ng-repeat="user in users" id="userPos" class="active circular md-whiteframe-z2" style="background-color: {{ user.color }} " ng-click="showPopUpDeletionConfirmation($event, user._id); " ng-data-id="{{ user._id }}">
          <div ng-if="user._id==activeUser" class="wrapperImageCurrentUser" id="marker_active_user"> </div>
          <p class="initials" id="userValue" style="top: {{ }};" >
            <custom id="user._id"></custom>
            <!-- {{}} -->

    <!-- END SIDEBAR -->

The code for the popup box (html) resides in the file dialog1.tmpl. This file is just the layout of the popup box nothing relevant to share the code in this question

Here is a visual of my user list and popup box ->

You don't access the user in the popup, you pass the user to the popup.

You are already sending the users id, just send the entire user. Use and user._id after you've send it.